The second book of the Genesis Chronicles

With the release of her first book, Jessica finds her world continuing to shift. Now the enemy, no longer curious regarding her assignment, is hellbent on stopping her.  Tensions rise and hopes are shattered as she and Belle work toward the release of the second novel, whose scroll has arrived on earth in the care of a messenger, crippled in battle.

The scroll contains the second part of the message, some would say it is the most vital part. The story of the Watchers, the fallen angels and their offspring, the giants of old. The story of the mingling of the bloodlines of the angelic and the children of Adam. A story no longer told among the children of the Creator.

It is said that if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. This is a concept Satan has counted on. Now this Woman is about to force the world into remembrance, something he can not afford, indeed, it is something he will not afford.