About the Author

WorkPicMichael grew up in a military family where his parents instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and self motivation, while fostering a knack for finding the fun and humor in most situations. He loves to share a good laugh with family and friends.

He has been a professional graphic designer and artist for more than 25 years working on his own and with various employers over the years. Of note, is his work in the defense industry putting together 5 to 7 minute 3D animations of proposed weapons systems that allowed the leaders of the defense department to see an idea, rather than have it explained verbally.

As a 3D animator/modeler, he was the artistic lead for The Boeing Company in Albuquerque, NM.  He’s currently working as a freelance graphic artist, while working full time editing publications and new video productions for a local planning commission in the Washington DC metro area, where he lives with his wife Brenda.  They have two grown sons.

Writing is his first priority and highest calling. Waking up in the middle of night with what would effectively be described as regular downloads from God.  The pieces are fit together with an inexplicable thread that blends seemingly unrelated ideas into a complex, yet pleasing, work of art.  The love for writing  actually all began in a darkest-hour season of life, that inspired the penning of poetry. He worked through the darkness of many sleepless nights, writing poems that splattered from his heart to paper. Something was born in him in those lonely, heart broken hours, a realization that writing allowed for more expression than graphics arts ever could, at least for him.

So now his true passion is writing.  And as many writers before him, his dream is to write full time, on the top of a mountain, through snow and storm, in the thin clear air, surrounded by the grandeur of God’s creation.  He has a gift for expressing the deep truths of humanity through the rabbit hole in a novel.  It is the carefully crafted placement and hiding of treasure within the story, that motivates, inspires, and characterizes his style.

Beginnings and Watchers are now available.