Dragons and Fairy Tales

by Michael E. Register on March 21, 2013

DragonSketch2Today’s Blog concerns something I’ve heard time and time again. It involves Dragons as they appear in books. I’m not talking about Komodo Dragons that live on Komodo Island, but the kind most people equate with Fantasy Novels. I’ve heard it said, “If there’s a dragon in the book, it’s fantasy.”

I, for one, do NOT agree.

Those of you who have read Beginnings know there are dragons in there. There are dragons in book two of the series, Watchers, which is due out soon. In fact, dragons are mentioned over 40 times in the bible. Seems like the writers of the bible thought they were real, too. I know there are a lot of people that believe the bible is fantasy, I’m not counted among those people.

For those of you familiar with the Hebrew story of the Watchers, you most likely know at least a little of where this book is headed. I don’t want to give anything away but the next book has some surprises in it, all carefully researched.

Speaking of which…

There are times when, while researching a subject, I suddenly realize there are clues there that were in front of me all along. The bible was hinting at what was really there. Sort of like when something is hidden in plain site. Jesus used to speak like this, his stories were called parables. They were truth, but the truth was hidden in a story. When asked why he didn’t speak plainly he indicated that He was protecting his listeners. For those who were “open,” they would receive the revelation, but to those that were not open, they were protected from understanding. Because when we understand a truth, we’re responsible for it. His “Dark” or hidden language was a means of loving both the receptive and non-receptive ones.

The “Watchers” cover is just about finished, I’ll be posting it here in the next few days!


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