How Much Is Real? #1 Question Asked

by Michael E. Register on February 7, 2014

How Much is Real?Controversy! We want CONTROVERSY!

You know, when people say your book is propaganda, it does sting a little. I had expected to be roasted by my fellow God followers, but it still stung. You know, as much as I know, that Christians are like little meat eating fish. Except that piranha do not eat their own, and Christians do.

I did not write this book to be controversial, but – Woops! it is…

By far the most frequent question I receive concerning the book Beginnings is: So how much is real and how much is novel, or fiction. This series of blog posts will serve to answer this question. As you’ll see, much of the underlying story is indeed based on one (or more than one) vein of research. These include:

1) The Bible (Genesis mostly, but not exclusively)

2) Hebrew traditional writings (these include works that are in the “dead sea scrolls”)

3) Hebrew traditional thought – ideas that can be seen to have originated with Rabbi’s in centuries past. Didn’t Solomon write, “There is nothing new under the Sun…?”

4) Modern Science – I research both secular and non-secular science. This may be seen as dangerous ground, but hey, it’s a novel!

5) Hebrew Angelology – this study is really quite fascinating.

I suppose one reason for explaining some of the finer points of the book is a response to the fear factor that I’ve encountered. I realize this subject is sacred and I am deeply respectful of that idea. It’s sacred for me. I’m really trying to show what my research has uncovered about what life might have been like during those days when Adam walked the earth.

Of course Beginnings is a novel, which means that it is not to be taken as “truth” or some other testament of the Bible. That has been one of the accusations. At the same time, any good novel incorporates truth, in ways that are in fact, novel. I hope you will join me as we look at the origins of Beginnings!




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